Art Collecting

Whether you are at the beginning of your art-collecting journey or a seasoned collector, there are always options to secure the work you most desire.

Cash flow can sometimes be a hindering factor and cause the most wanted object to slip through your fingers. There are always stories of art pieces that ‘got away’, we have a few missed opportunities that linger in our minds years later!

We hope to provide you with a comfortable space to discuss purchasing options with us. We are happy to explore lay-by payment plans with you. Many art collectors prefer this method of purchasing art. Not only does it spread the cost, but the final instalment and the delivery of the desired artwork can enhance the experience.

For those of you who would like to pay in instalments over time and enjoy the artwork immediately, Art Money is a fabulous option. This allows you to build an art-buying budget, deposit, and pay 10 months interest-free instalments. The process takes no time at all, and we can release the artwork in a matter of minutes.

Please feel free to discuss any of these options with us. There is always a solution to ensure that you are surrounded by the art you love most.

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