‘Ocean Light’ Exhibition Opening Night

The premiere exhibition of British artist Gareth Edwards RWA opened on Saturday night at The G Contemporary in Hastings Street.

The collectors and admirers of Gareth Edwards’ work have patiently awaited his first solo exhibition in Australia, and they were not disappointed! The stunning collection from the artist’s famous Porthmeor Studio in St Ives, Cornwall, is curated with consideration in the minimalistic art space in the heart of Noosa.

Each oil painting is a gem of perfection. The works catch the glistening light amongst the ocean and surrounding landscapes, glowing sunrises, sunsets, summer days and moody, sultry dusks and storming cumulus. The slightest hints of layering and light trigger the viewer to create their own narrative within the paint strokes and mark-making.

Gareth Edwards explains…
“Each new painting carries its own properties of light and therefore its own special atmosphere and its own emotional weather”

This is a show to fall into and dream your way around. It a privilege to have this beautiful work in our beautiful space, not to be missed! Please contact us if you need further information or would like to purchase any of the available works…

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