Chalom Bio Chalom (meaning "Dreamer"), aka Mike Lane, the chosen name offered through a dream and the inspiration of the free flowing works created by the artist living in Phillip Island Victoria. Having always been a creative individual through years of performing musically internationally and nationally, building, creating in many ways. Painting is now the forefront of the creative passion. Chalom grasps oilsticks, carpenters pencils, acrylic, spray-paints to reflect the flow of energy and inspiration of the world around and influences from dreams and emotions. The abstract mark makings communicate the spiritual nature of meditation and messages from beyond onto the canvas. The belief that happiness, hope and beauty will permeate in to the surrounding in which the paintings are placed is the core of the creative process. "I don’t think about beauty or composition as I work. I simply respond to words and insights and intuitions that come into my heart, knowing that as I express them visually, they are a declaration, a command, even a releasing of a new reality. The power of the prophetic declaration remains, embedded in the work and it carries an anointing, speaking blessing and healing over the space where it is displayed." Chalom


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