Michael Whitehead

Michael Whitehead  Bio I began work as a graphic artist in a prominent Melbourne design studio in the mid-seventies. Along the way, I taught in Victorian Secondary Colleges and eventually moved into owning and operating a screen printing studio. For the past number of years, I've been painting full-time with my work represented in Australian and overseas galleries.  Artist Statement My work is the creation of usually large layered abstract paintings. I like each brush stroke to challenge the previous one, the creation of deliberate tension, resistance and intensity are important to me. I might lay down large blocks of colour may be to capture or reflect light, and at other times employing a more subdued palette, so that the under-painting might appear to be attempting to break through to provide a glimpse of a secret world beneath. I believe a painting has to be instinctive and have a sense of urgency but yet remain precise. If the paint runs across a canvas it’s because I’m happy for it to go there or I may have even encouraged it to do so. Every stroke, every line, is intended to leave a record of its journey. I want the works to exhibit no fear of exposing their inner selves -the “complexity of construction” if you like, – of how they came to be.  

1974 Completed Diploma of Art and Design (Graphic Design), Bendigo Institute of Technology  Graphic Artist at NTG Design South Melbourne
1975-76 Completed Diploma of Education State College of Victoria Hawthorn
1977 Taught Art and Photography in Victorian Secondary Colleges until
1993 Opened a commercial screen printing studio
1991 Moved to Queensland
1994-2000 Freelance design and drawing projects
2001 Commenced full-time painting


2007 Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery Sydney
2007 Jive Contemporary Art Noosa 2008 Gadfly Gallery Perth
2008 Jive Contemporary Art Noosa 2009 Jive Contemporary Art Noosa
2010 Gallery-One Gold coast
2011 Jive Contemporary Art Noosa 2011 Gallery- One Gold Coast
2012 Jive Contemporary Art Noosa 2013 Noosa International Wine and Food Festival
2013 Gallery-One Gold Coast 2013 Jive Contemporary Art Noosa
2014 Soho Galleries Sydney
2014 Chifley Towers Sydney Soho Galleries
2014 Jive Contemporary Art Noosa 2014 Kunat Fine Art Germany
2015 Kunat Fine Art Germany
2015 Jive Contemporary Art Noosa
2016 Jive Contemporary Art Noosa
2017 Jive Contemporary Art Noosa 


2004 Melbourne Affordable Art Show, Suburban 312 Gallery, Exhibition Buildings
2004 Sydney Affordable Art Show, Suburban 312 Gallery, Fox Studios
2005 Melbourne Affordable Art Fair, Suburban 312 Gallery, Exhibition Buildings
2005 Sydney Affordable Art Fair, Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery, Fox Studios
2005 Brisbane Art Fair, Colour On Walls, Brisbane Convention Centre
2006 Melbourne Affordable Art Fair, Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery, Exhibition Buildings
2006 Thierry B Gallery Melbourne Group Show
2006 Sydney Affordable Art Fair, Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery, Fox Studios
2007 Libby Edwards Gallery Brisbane Group Show
2007 Art Melbourne, Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery, Exhibition Buildings
2007 Art Sydney, Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery, Fox Studios
2008 Art Melbourne, ThierryB Gallery, Exhibition Buildings
2008 Brisbane Art Fair, Jive Contemporary Art, Brisbane Convention Centre
2008 Colour of Light Exhibition, Gadfly Gallery, Fremantle
2009 Art Melbourne, Jenny Pihan Fine Art, Exhibition Buildings
2009 Art Singapore, ThierryB Contemporary Art
2010 Gallery-One, Group Show, Gold Coast
2011 Black and White, Jive Contemporary Art, Noosa 2013 Impulse International Germany, Kunat Fine Art
2013 Gallery-One Group Show, Gold Coast
2014 Asian Contemporary Art Fair, Jive Contemporary Art, Hong Kong
2014 Tally Dunn Gallery, Dallas Texas 2015 Soho Galleries, Sydney
2015 Gallery-One, Gold coast
2016 Soho Galleries, Sydney
2017 Gallery-One Gold Coast
2018 Soho Galleries Sydney
2019 Gallery One Gold Coast
2021 Galley One Gold Coast
2021 Soho Galleries Sydney
2022 Sydney Affordable Art Fair, Soho Galleries 

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