Yanni Van Zijl

Yanni Van Zijl Bio Yanni is synonymous with environmental activism. She aims to create work that provoke the audience into a renewed awareness to issues like climate change and deforestation. She creates experiences about humankind and explores environmental accountability through human actions and impacts. To achieve her aims, Yanni draws on a diverse range of media including video, photography, large scale installations, ceramics, sculpture and more recently performance. Recycled and repurposed, anything, even her own body becomes matter for making art. Yanni aims to create works that are disruptive and questioning, generating awareness and conversation. When not wearing her environmental art activist hat Yanni makes ceramic works for the joy of being in tune with the material, these sculptures are studies in flow and form. She invites you to experience the solitude within the spaces created. Play is encouraged, the pieces have more than one possibility, when collectively arranged an entirely different outcome is achieved. These ceramic sculptures have aspirations of grandeur and Yanni envisages them having a magnified presence in an urban landscape.

Born in 1963 Melbourne, Australia

Sunshine Beach, Queensland, Australia


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