Andrew Bryant

Andrew Bryant has exhibited his ceramic sculptures on a regular basis for 30 years both nationally and internationally, he has received several awards for is sculpture and has been an active presenter in many National ceramic conferences. He lives and practices on the Sunshine Coast.

Andrew throws with various paper clays, heavily grogged clays and porcelain. He throws on the wheel, deconstructs and assembles his pieces. He uses crater glaze, fuming with stannous chloride and textural glazes such as shino and crawl glazes. His work is fired in various atmospheres including electric, gas and wood fired.

“These current spiral sculptures are a direct response to the ceramic process of ‘making’ and embracing the unpredictable nature of the medium. Their ascetics are derived from the centrifugal force of the wheel and the pyroplastic response to clay and glaze in intense heat. The concept for my work is underpinned by the caprice of a ceramic form being likened to a living, breathing entity, which is ultimately evidenced by their skeletal remnants.

1990 – 1993 Bachelor of Arts (Ceramics), La Trobe University, Melbourne, VIC
1996 – 2014 Currency in all Workplace Training and Assessments Certificates
2018 – 2021 Cert IV in Training and Assessment

Selected Exhibitions
2020 “Affinity“ Solo Exhibition, The Old Ambulance Gallery, Sunshine Coast, QLD
2018 “World Stage” Selected Exhibition, Gulgong, NSW
2018 “Ignition” Group Exhibition, Sunshine Coast, QLD
2017 “Objects of Desire”, Tweed Gallery, Tweed Heads, NSW
2017 “Fluid” Solo Exhibition, CQU Noosa Campus Gallery, Sunshine Coast, QLD
2017 ”Wood Fire” Selected Group Exhibition, Makers Gallery, Brisbane, QLD
2017 “I Got Georgia on my Mind”, Makers Gallery, Brisbane, QLD
2016 “Ignition” Ceramics Award, Sunshine Coast, QLD
2016 “Objects of Desire”, Artisan Gallery, Brisbane, QLD
2016 “World Ceramics” Group Show, San Pau, Barcelona
2015 “Friends” Inaugural Exhibition, Makers Gallery, Brisbane, QLD
2015 “International Ceramics” Tong-in Gallery, Insadong, South Korea
2015 “Wood Fire 2015”, Jill Reilly Gallery, Sydney
2015 “New Sculpture”, Jill Reilly Gallery, Sydney
2013 “From Australia with Love”, Tong-in Gallery, Insadong, South Korea
2013 “Celsius USM”, Penang, Malaysia
2014 “International Ceramics Exhibition”, Nami Island, South Korea
2013 “Life Art Worldwide”, Art Expo, Mooloolaba, QLD
2013 “Rough Surface”, Gulgong, NSW
2013 “Stories from the Studio”, Sunshine Coast University, Sunshine Coast, QLD
2014 to 2015 Continuous representation, Brisbane Modern Art Gallery, Brisbane, QLD